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“We have had the pleasure of working with Coach Mac for the last 9 years, he has taught all of our 5 children how to play competitive tennis.  In addition to his talent of teaching tennis, he also offers something few others do - a heart for his students.  He spends countless hours devoting himself to excellence on and off the court and leads by example as he mentors his students as athletes and young people of character.  He is gifted in all that he does and it has been a blessing to our family to have him as our coach!” (Nick played for Santa Barbara, click the video link to watch him play)

Martin Family


"I have known Mac for over a decade as a tennis student, business partner, and friend.  There is no one else I would ever recommend a person to take lessons from or even just get to know.  It is rare to find a person who can not only take a student to the top of their potential ability in an extremely well-rounded way, but also can keep the psyche of the student grounded and motivated to succeed through the hardest times.  He is truly an old-style coach when it comes to committing to a student as a lifelong bond.  I cannot speak highly enough of this person.” (Kylee is a full time Montessori school teacher and has a master's degree in education.  She's also been a certified tennis instructor for over 10-years).

Kylee Koch-Quesada

Tennis Action Shot

“My daughter has worked with Coach Mac since she was 7-years-old.  Coach Mac has a great knowledge of the mechanics of the tennis stroke and has a passion for passing that knowledge on to his students.  I have noticed that nearly all the students that have worked with Coach Mac have wonderful technique and my daughter continually receives praise from parents and coaches alike.  Coach Mac is truly a giving man who is dedicated to helping kids and adults learn the game of tennis.  He works his students hard and it shows in the results."  (Nicole received a Division 1 scholarship to UC Riverside, click the video link to watch her play)

Brian & Helen Hitomi

Tennis Player

My oldest daughter started taking tennis lessons at age 5 in Oakland.  After almost two years, we were frustrated to see that she was not progressing.  We looked for a new coach for over two months, we were disappointed with the lack of good choices.  We met coach Mac through a close friend whose kids have been taking lessons with him.  After our first meeting we were impressed, and knew we had found the perfect coach for our daughters.  After almost 3 years with Coach, we couldn’t be happier.  He really cares about his students, he takes the time to know them and help them develop their own styles.  Every player is different and have different strengths and weaknesses, we are amazed to see how coach is able to bring out the best in all of his students.  Coach Mac is not just a coach, he is also a great mentor.  He cares about developing his students not only physically but also emotionally and mentally.  We considered ourselves very lucky to have coach Mac as our daughters’ tennis coach!

The Akcaoglu – Reyes Family

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We have a variety of options  and locations to choose from, take a look and let us know what you're interested in.



It looks like fun! That's probably the major reason for their interest in tennis. Through a strategic mix of fun and fundamentals, your child will be taught a sport they can play for a lifetime.



Do you have a goal?  Then let's make a plan!  Your private lesson will be taught by a certified professional who, quite simply, cares!


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When you join one of our groups, we’ll teach you all about the game.  It's not going to be one of those go-go-go classes with music blaring, weight lifting, and stability balls rolling all over the place.  Instead, you're going to learn, learn, learn, and have tennis balls rolling all over the place!

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